Join us at the Bishop Baraga Legacy Dinner!


We began as a grass-roots effort. The mission was simple: to open a Catholic high school. Frassati Academy was created and a dedicated team worked to open a Catholic high school in fall 2016.

This summer, the team met with the Education Council of Bishop Baraga Catholic School. They too have envisioned a high school. And they wanted to be a part of the effort.

Together, we decided to bring the high school effort under the umbrella of BBCS.

What does this mean for the high school?

We still plan to:
– Open in fall 2016
– Hire a headmaster to oversee the high school
– Implement a classical curriculum
– Raise 100% of the funds needed for the high school (we will not be using any of the money directed toward the BBCS elementary school)
– Become the only Catholic high school in the UP in over 40 years!


Bishop Baraga created a legacy of faith and we are all reaping the benefits in the Diocese of Marquette. Through his perseverance and fortitude, he ministered to the diverse people of Northern Michigan and Wisconsin.

We continue his legacy by ministering to the Catholic youth of our area. Creating a Catholic high school will require perseverance and fortitude. With Bishop Baraga as our patron, we are assured of his prayers for our effort.


If you would like to help with this effort, please contact us!